Stylist and Styliani founder, Stella Nikolaou, had a vision to create a personal shopping/styling service that offered more than just fashion tips and advice for women. Her own journey influenced the Styliani brand to emphasis the importance of personal style, self-acceptance and creating a balanced lifestyle.

WorldWide Furniture was founded on the belief that quality and style should not have to be sacrificed for great value. Over 40 years later, that same sentiment rings true. Learn how accomplished a complete brand refresh while staying true to their roots.

Your brand spirit serves as inspiration for our talented team of designers to develop and deliver stunning, customized marketing collateral for a multitude of mediums including; digital ads, product packaging, and promotional materials.

As your creative partner we’ll never keep you in suspense, we insist that you take the journey with us from conceptualized to finalized designs that will exceed your expectations.

Nearly 1.5 million Canadians are at risk of overexposure to the sun due to their working conditions. Our team joined forces with the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) to help develop and design a sun safety website, raising awareness and building interactive toolkits to address this major occupational health hazard.

2016 was a wild ride for the bits team (in the best way possible!) and we’ve decided to close it out with some warm fuzzies. In lieu of designing, printing and mailing a holiday card this year, we switched it up and allocated those resources towards a good cause. After thinking long and hard about what we wanted to send to the people who continue to support us, we decided to make a donation on their behalf. Lucky for us, we work with a ton of generous, kind-hearted folks who we think will appreciate this change in our approach to spreading yuletide cheer.

Gallery1 Furniture has been providing beautiful, unique furniture to Atlantic Canadians for over a decade. Ready for a brand refresh, our designers and web developers created a website and brand collateral as customised and curated as the products they sell.

He's here for a good time AND a long time! Proud Uncle and Aussie, @icklbpop is officially a Canadian resident! We love you Si! 🇦🇺 🇨🇦

Nova Centre is something Halifax hasn’t seen before. It’s a one-million-square-foot, mixed-use development in the heart of our entertainment and business district. Housing a new convention centre, boutique hotel, business towers, restaurants, shops, and public space, it is one of the largest and most ambitious projects Downtown Halifax has seen in a long time.

With our growing team of specialists and an enhanced list of services, we wanted to ensure our capabilities and culture are represented  in the best possible light. What you see before you is the result, let me take you on a quick tour!

Lead Developer

Our girl @zeezazaes has been with us for 5 years! Her smarts, sense of humour and party planning abilities are a huge part of what makes us who we are today! Thanks Sammy! 💕#workiversary

Morning meetings done right! ☕️🖊

At our websites are more than just another pretty interface. Bridging function with beauty, we start behind the scenes to develop and maintain secure, reliable and user-friendly sites. Providing turnkey solutions for your business needs with the functionality and integration services tailored just for you. We specialize in Drupal, an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), with experience in Wordpress, Laravel and Magento.

Canadian Blood Services has been a long-time motivator and educator for Canadians in blood donation with their iconic tagline: it’s in you to give. In 2015, the team at Canadian Blood Services set out to educate and motivate their own team with an internal microsite to showcase their 2015-2016 business priorities. The internal communications platform encourages collaboration amongst staff and engages them with digital interactivity and fun, fresh design elements.

We’re excited to share that our family grew by one last month when Sammy and Brent tied the knot! Although long-time nickname "One-Bite Babin" will live on (especially when there are Oreos around), we've accepted your bad-ass new last name and your gem of a hubby! Welcome to the fam Brent and congratulations again to our favourite newlyweds!

We worked with Phoenix to develop new mission and vision statements as well as a new logo identity, marketing materials and a new website. Phoenix Youth Programs is a non-profit organization and has long been recognized as a centre of excellence for their support of youth through a continuum of care.

We utilize strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to give your company a high-ranking placement in search engines; ensuring your business is always top of mind and top of browser. We’ll never just put words in your mouth — we prefer to dig deep into your brand’s strategy and craft fresh language that truly reflects your unique tone and brand spirit, resulting in a voice that is distinctly you.

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