Emma Keevill

Accounts + Marketing Manager
bits & pieces: Emma has recently dabbled in the world of “glamping” (glamorous camping).

World traveler and social media guru, Emma strives to never live life too comfortably, always pushing herself to be constantly learning and challenging the status quo.

The agency biz provides a constant state of evolution that keeps her on her toes, just the way she likes it! Emma loves meeting new people, learning about their wants & needs, and helping them meet their goals.

When off the clock, this brunch aficionado and puppy lover can be found patio hopping through downtown Halifax, or spending time with her beloved dog Finlay.

Emma Keevill

Some of Emma's Projects

As Halifax’s most historic hotel, The Lord Nelson has done an incredible job in preserving their elegant and timeless persona since 1928. Ramping up to a huge renovation of the hotel’s interior, it was the perfect time to revamp and redefine their online presence.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending New York Advertising Week. Advertising Week is an organization that puts on conferences around the world for marketing professionals to learn from the industry’s best (commonly mistaken for AdWeek, the magazine!).


Stanfield’s Ltd. was is looking to strengthen the digital presence for Elita, their Canadian brand of Ladies Intimate Apparel.

Hike Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage and promote a growing hiking culture throughout Nova Scotia. We began our journey with Hike when they applied to our annual Brand Spring Clean Contest looking for help updating and refreshing their existing brand.

Our 2017 Brand Spring Clean contest saw an astounding 37 submissions! We’re so proud of how this contest has grown since its inception in 2015 and we were genuinely touched by each and every organization - a truly inspirational group of applicants that offer a unique and very important set of services, all dedicated to the greater good of Nova Scotia.


At Bits we thrive on being a part of the digital world, it’s what we do best and our typical 9-5 day is deeply immersed in technology. That being said, we also really appreciate quality time away from the screen. In fact, many of the bits staff love spending time in the great outdoors. From walking our pups on the local trails to winter camping excursions; we tend to consider ourselves a pretty “outdoorsy” bunch.

We worked with Phoenix to develop new mission and vision statements as well as a new logo identity, marketing materials and a new website. Phoenix Youth Programs is a non-profit organization and has long been recognized as a centre of excellence for their support of youth through a continuum of care.
Making this site easy to use—for the public, DHBC’s members, and the DHBC team—was our number one priority.
The Halifax Seaport Beerfest is the largest gathering of craft beers, imports, and ciders on the East Coast, featuring beer producers from across Canada and around the world. It’s also one of the city’s most popular events and as the Bits team is known to enjoy a glass or two of ale, we were happy to help them expand and engage their audience.
Take It Outside is a local retailer providing premium equipment and expertise to people who lead, and love, an active lifestyle. In order to break away from the competition, Take It Outside wanted to focus less on pure product promotion and more on cultivating a community of “Outsiders”. bits was ready at the starting line.

Spring is finally here and we’re so excited to announce that our 2015 Brand Spring Clean Winner is Phoenix Youth Programs! We received some absolutely incredible submissions and, like kids in a pet store, we wanted to bring all of them home! Our decision wasn’t an easy one and we want to thank all of the great organizations who submitted an application.


Mission Accomplished! We were overwhelmed by the number of very talented writers who applied for this opportunity, and are excited to say that we have filled the position. 


This post is not only an ode to how much I love my job, but also a message to those wondering what the advantages might be of working for a small company. When I was on the job hunt last year I started by checking out some of the larger companies in the region. I walked through their maze of cubicles and wondered if this was the direction my business degree was pointing me in. Turns out, it didn’t have to be!

With loyal customers from around the world calling SBS for everything from routine items to custom large orders, the sales team was swamped.

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